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Little Bee-lievers

Tiny but mighty, just like our little ones, bees are magnificent and beautiful creatures. They are the sound of sunshine, and the most important pollinators of the fruits and vegetables that we love to eat. They give us so much, without asking for anything in return: only that we humans help to provide plenty of flowers and plants, free of sprays, for them to feed on.


With the arrival of spring, Rob-bee can hardly wait to see his best friend Bee-trix again! But, after buzzing and bumbling all over town together, he is saddened to learn that she and her family are not feeling so well. What could have caused this? And what can he do to help her and her hive? Rob-bee relies on the power of connection, and the spirit of community, to help Bee-trix, and the millions of bees that pollinate our world’s fruits and vegetables, bring their colourful and crucial world back to life. Come buzz along!

CLICK HERE to learn more about the important roles of bees. 

Little Bee-lievers Book

* Net proceeds from Little Bee-lievers are donated to Hives for Humanity: a Vancouver-based nonprofit society that creates opportunities for connection to community, through nature, bees and the culture of the hive.

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